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“You are free to do as we tell you.”

—   Bill Hicks

“I think the discomfort that some people feel in going to the monkey cages at the zoo is a warning sign.”

—   Carl Sagan (via atlantic-sky)

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“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”

—   Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I’m taking my first two pt sessions in the gym today. Nerves are high, but so is confidence! <3


Anka Zhuravleva
a u d r e y * k a w a s a k i

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

—   Leo Tolstoy

“The daily routine of most adults is so heavy and artificial that we are closed off to much of the world. We have to do this in order to get our work done. I think one purpose of art is to get us out of those routines. When we hear music or poetry or stories, the world opens up again.”

—   Ursula LeGuin

“Scattered through the ordinary world there are books and artifacts and perhaps people who are like doorways into impossible realms, of impossible and contradictory truth.”

—   Jorge Luis Borges (via tattoosandtravels)

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Safeguard Complex

Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus (by Lorenzo Blanche)

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Matthew Tammaro


I feel like I just moved house - I definitely just moved house - but yesterday a phonecall came shooting down out of the big blue sky to point out that if I had so much fun moving house, I should do it again! The ark, sweet beauty that it is, is getting pulled down and replaced by condos. The first impulse should always be to laugh, though, ‘cause there’s plenty to be grateful for this week!

  • all three of us at the ark want to find a new place together, so we’ll find a new place together!
  • I got to say proper 'til-next-times with Sebastian and Reannan!
  • dinner and reminiscing (and being the very worst at pool) with the usual subjects!
  • shouldering aside two days in my schedule for uninterrupted story time out on the top of a hill under the blue (&raining) sky!
  • remembering just how much good goddamned fun stories and words are!
  • I’ve booked my first two PT sessions in the gym for early next week!
  • fuckbutton, altar of plagues, crystal castles, trentemoller!
  • No Contest, by Alfie Kohn!

Not nearly enough actual adventures, lately, but I’ve largely been bouncing from work back to my desk to study to bed to one of them all over again. I’ve got a couple more weeks to go of grinding out assessments, then it’s back into the joys of house-hunting, but in between all that the fun stuff and the love are starting to shine back through. Hope you’re smiling, sweeties! <3